If you are interested in Ordnung & Clutter Clearing in Munich

  • to restore balance in your living space, to clear your clutter, prioritize and structure your things,
  • you live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • and you speak English – I am the perfect partner for your journey.

    On this webpage I give you an overview about my services in German speaking Europe. I offer the following packages:
    Aufräumen-entspannt -
                 clear your clutter, do it in a relaxed way and feel much more relaxed and energized afterword.
    Wohnraumzauber -
                 style your living space and office.
    Home Staging -
                 Prepare your house for rent and/or sale, polish it’s advantages.

Growing up in Saxon and being married to an American I have seen quite a bit in life. I have worked within various positions, environments and cultures and loved the challenges that came with it. My English is perfect and I could support you in finding a way to make your daily life more structured, your house more homey.

I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a housewife and a business woman. As a managing director, I travelled throughout Germany over the last 20 years. I had to be very well organized to manage family, work and home and I know, how easy it is to slide into chaos when you have so many balls in the air. Sometimes we feel overshadowed by our challenges to get things done. And daily things are getting hard to manage. The overstress from work and family accumulates into clutter, unorganized shelves and wardrobes and it becomes hard work for us to structure our household.
The same applies to your office.

I have made my hobby my profession. I offer hands-on, practical help for:

styling your living space and/or your office,
cleaning up your clutter,
sort things out, prioritize,
organizing your household,
and i stage your home for sale and rent.

I listen to your needs and we make a plan to style your home and we fit your living spaces, your home and office to you, to your needs.

Now is the time to make some time!   Call me for more details.

I am happy
to get your inquiery!